About Us


Since 2009 an outstanding innovation and leadership within the real estate sector, Tasweek takes an unrivaled approach in enabling customers to capitalize on a range of opportunities that arise within the real estate industry.

Tasweek strives to provide the most innovative products and projects in addition to offering a wide range of services to help clients achieve their goals successfully. Tasweek’s tailor-made services are created to suit the clients’ individual needs and requirements whilst considering the current dynamics of the real estate industry.Tasweek offers flexible investment structures whereby investors are welcome to participate in its portfolio.

Our Vision

To be the benchmark of service marketing for real estate and related industries; which focus on customers’ trust, sustainability of profits, and growth through the implementation of innovative, creative, and trustworthy methodologies.


Tasweek is a success story of one of the real estate developments and investment outfit in UAE. The time of foundation coincided with the global financial crisis that had hit relentlessly advanced economies in the world in September 2008, when USA government allowed Lehman Brothers to bankrupt. Despite the negative repercussions of the crisis and its impacts for more than five years - and still going – but Tasweek managed to make its way through the crisis armed with the following:
1. Formidable board of directors.
2. Visionary Management with multi-disciplinary Skills Set & Out-of-box business plan.
3. Professional team work.
4. Internationally diversified investment portfolio.
5. Strong commitment towards long term Brand Development