About Us

Amr Mosallam

General Manager

General Manager’s Message:

Over the years, Tasweek Real Estate Development and Marketing has honored its commitment of offering comprehensive solutions to investors, buyers and developers to meet their unique requirements for property development, service and marketing. We are delighted to have played a critical and successful role in redefining the property market in the region and beyond.

We attribute our growth and success to our partners, patrons and supporters who have always demonstrated their trust, loyalty and confidence in us. They have been a key motivating force, passionately driving Tasweek to achieve excellence. We constantly draw inspiration from you to grow further as a reliable, steadfast and consumer-focused company that can contribute towards fast evolving property market dynamics.

Tasweek looks forward to create new benchmarks and set new milestones in customers’ trust, sustainability of profits, and growth. We will work to fulfill our promise of delivering the best properties and service, and at the same time, initiate you to some of the world’s prime property developments. We welcome you be on our side in this journey as we reinforce our strategies to align with our growth plans.