Car Rental Hidden Charges That You Should Know About

When you rent a car to roam in a city or go for a business tour in Dubai, you need to pay a stipulated amount of fee to the rental company. The fee depends on various factors like the type of car you choose, your mileage requirements, the period of rental, etc. But a thing that you should note is that the rental fee often comprises some hidden fees that may increase your expenditure. It is imperative to identify and understand such hidden costs related to car hire. If you are able to tackle these hidden fees, then you will be in a position to negotiate the rental bill with the concerned company.

Airport Pick-Up and Drop Fees

One of the crucial hidden costs that come with almost every rental company is the airport pick-up and drop fee. In the initial stages of booking the rental service, you may miss the hidden expenditure. The airport facilities in Dubai charge an additional fee for using its premises. When you tell the car service that picks you from the airport when your plane lands at the Dubai Airport, the company will add the extra cost to the bill. You may have to pay a hefty amount. The same is true when you tell the company that you are leaving the car at the airport premises. It is better to choose a neutral spot close to the airport for pick-up and drop location to avoid paying more.

Gasoline Charges

The Gasoline Charges

It is another crucial hidden cost that may remain unobserved. When you hire a car, you have a specific amount of gasoline in its tank. After returning the car, the company checks the amount of gasoline. If the tank is not full, the services charge you an additional amount. The amount usually is much higher than the money you could have spent if you had returned the car with a full gasoline tank. It is always wise to check such conditions when you are striking the deal with the rental company.

Early Return Fees

Early Return Fees

You may get stunned by getting a fat bill due to returning the rented car earlier than scheduled to the service provider. There is a thing called an early return fee that will add to your bill. It is intelligent to use the car for the full schedule or period for which you have booked to avoid spending more. If you want to know more details about the best sedan cars in UAE, pay a visit to our website.

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