Five Things to Avoid in Your Car Rental

Numerous car-rental companies operate in the UAE region, particularly in and around Dubai. Many of them, such as Al-Emad Cars, offer good cars at low rent a car price in Dubai. When you visit the place on a tour, or if you are an inhabitant, then booking a luxury car is a popular activity. The companies provide you with a lot of options with world-class brands. You may choose to drive a luxury car from Chevrolet or a Porsche or some other brand. But you should remember to avoid doing specific things when you are driving the car.

Cross the Border

Never try to cross the international border on a rented car. The concerned officials and the security forces at the border will consider it as a crime. You must not breach the international regulations. Local police or the forces at the border will arrest you. You will be in an unnecessary, long legal battle against the authorities. Don’t be over-curious, and stay in the city premises, exploring the local areas.

Tamper with The Car Parts

You must remember that tampering with the various car parts is unethical and illegal. Please don’t destroy the seats with sharp instruments. Also, don’t tamper with the machine parts of the car, like the gear or the steering. Keep the dashboard clean. Avoid taking things from the car when you finish the driving lease or session. The rental company has the right to sue you if you damage their property. The deal document will have these conditions when you book the car.

Rent a Car Price in Dubai

Detailed Conversation with The Chauffeur

Try to avoid giving personal details to the chauffeur when you are in the car. Providing information about bank account, family members, income, specific tour plans, business initiatives, etc. is unnecessary. The rental company will not be responsible for the consequences if something untoward happens to you.

Casual Approach to Mileage Calculation

Never take a casual approach when you rent a car in Dubai. Several deals stress on the mileage calculation of the car. You need to keep a tab on this metric. The charges, in numerous cases, focus on the total number of miles you cover. If you notice a mismatch between the metric and the actual distance you have travelled, then report it to the concerned authorities with a professional attitude.

Hold Prohibited Items

You must strictly avoid carrying banned materials like drugs and/or explosives when you are driving in a rented car. Carrying them anyway is illegal. In this case, the rental company can take legal action against you.

Now that you are aware of these points, you should refrain from doing these five things in a rented car in UAE.

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