Handy Tips for Off Road Driving In UAE


You may know where you start your drive, but the land ahead is a bit uncertain, unlike a city road. To conquer these rough trails, keep your car in perfect condition and avoid the nighttime. Following are some instructions for just that. Or you can always order it on sites selling online tyres Dubai.

Check Your Car Thoroughly

Before taking your car off the roads, inspect your car for any leaks, breaks, or cracks on the tires. It is best to replace them by visiting tiresandmore.ae. Check the radiator level. Off-road is tricky driving and may lead to overheating. Therefore, you must have a proper cooling level. Windshield washer fluids should be present. The terrain is full of dirt and mud that may splash over your car. You will most probably have to use the windshield washer at least once. Check if your car contains a spare tire. Know that you won’t be able to contact a car repair shop and will have to change the tire yourself.

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Drive-in Daylight

Off-road driving should preferably be done only in daylight. It is dangerous to take your car at night for off-road driving because there are no proper roads to direct you, so you are already at a disadvantage. Nighttime off-road driving will only stress you out instead of giving you a fun-filled experience.

Go as A Group

If off-road driving is something, you’re trying for the first time, you’d want to take a couple of friends with you. Company in the car will only increase the fun and adventure of off-road driving. Additionally, in the case of a mishap with the car or yourself, you have them to help you out. Some friends can be very resourceful in times of need.

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Keep Your Speed Constant

These aren’t your city roads. You need to go slow while off-road driving because the path is tricky. You don’t know these roads and there are hardly any instructions. So be safe and maintain a constant speed. You shouldn’t shift from 40 to 80 in a flash and then brake hard when some hindrance causes you to turn or stop. It’s dangerous for you and your car. Maintain a constant, average speed so as to avoid accidents.

Check the Temperature

Check your temperature gauge now and again to make sure your car is not overheating. More often than not, cars tend to overheat when you go off-road driving. If you see that your vehicle is overheating, pull over and let the car rest for a couple of minutes. Air conditioning may also overheat the car so turn it off and open your windows.

These were our top tips on a safe and adventurous off-road driving experience in the UAE. Learn more about tyres, buy them, and explore everything related to them from tiresandmore.ae

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