Important Rent a Car Rules in the UAE You Should Know

Rent a Car in Dubai

Renting a car is always a better option when compared to public transport especially for a foreigner without in-depth knowledge of how public transport works. As always, some protocols have to be put in place on your part to ensure a feasible rental period. Many times, people get to the rental/leasing company only to realize they do not have the right or complete documents to get that car thus leading to a stressful procedure and paperwork that leads to turn-off and frustration. In a bid to prevent all this, here is a list of documents and requirement to make things a whole lot easier for you

Valid Means of Identification

This is one of the very important documents to have as it would be required by the company. It could be in the form of a valid driver’s license or an international license. This is just to be sure you’re a valid citizen and also will come handy in the court in case of misunderstandings. So before contacting a car rental/leasing company, first make sure you have a valid means of identification so as to avoid lengthy drags on deals.

Rent a Car Rules in the UAE

Credit Card

Using a credit card can be quite presentable especially with expensive cars as companies tend to check the status of the person they are renting/leasing the car too. A history of debt-free transactions or quickly paid off debts will spread the right information and give an air of trust. Your financial status determines if the car will be leased to you as records of debt will only give the notion that their car is not in safe hands.


No rental company wants to lease/rent out a car to an illegal individual. Whilst this might be optional for citizens it is very crucial for foreigners. Renting a car to illegal occupants/immigrants without valid documents is a very risky transaction. Issues of stolen cars are one of the greatest fears of car rental companies and submitting a Visa or at least a copy of it is a form of commitment and also a way to track you down in case you somehow run away with their car.

Deposit Fee

This, of course, is not a heavy payment but rather a form of commitment and a sign of responsibility. In Dubai, the deposit payment ranges from 750AED-1000AED. So, before you opt-in for rentals first confirm that you have just the right amount for a deposit payment. Also, do well to prepare for additional or hidden charges so as not to be underprepared financially. This is excluding the cheap weekly car rental Dubai, so make that budget plan well.

Important Rent a Car Rules in the UAE

Valid Passport

This is also a very important document to have ready when considering renting/leasing a car. Just like the rest of the documents earlier mentioned, it will be having you on the safe side if you take a valid passport along or at least a copy of it to show responsibility and validity. Having all these documents will bypass a lot of unnecessary paperwork and will help you rent a car with little or no stress.

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