St Kitts Or Antigua – Which Is the Better Option

St. Kitts and Antigua: a comparative study

The country of St. Kitts and Antigua are both situated on the southern Caribbean coast and the part mostly known as the West Indies. The countries are dependent on their tourism sector and substantial amounts of the GDP are generated from these resources. The country of St. Kits also has a thriving service sector and therefore has a varied financial scene. The area is a well-known tourist center and is also a great place to have st kitts dual citizenship for an investor. There are some similarities and some variations in the requirements, which are to be considered by the investor before applying for citizenship.

No language constraint

The applicant does not need to learn about the indigenous languages for having a passport. Along with this condition, there is also no need to learn about local history or also be present in the country while the application is being performed. Both of these countries practice a relaxed attitude for considering the Antigua immigration application of investors. However, the investors have to provide the source of their income during the application.

No Language Constraint

Family included

Both of these counties offer the provision for the investors to include their families in the application process. Here, a ‘family’ means a principal applicant, their spouse, and children. The children must be aged below 18 years, and the parents, if any, must be aged above 55 years. The fees also differ in their amount, as for Antigua, the contribution can be something around $100000 is necessary; not to forget about the processing amount for the principal applicant, the same for the partner. No processing fee is needed for up to two dependents. For St. Kitts, the amount will differ. Individual application and processing fees would be required for each dependent.

Minimum Age

In each case, the candidate needs to be aged more than 18 years. Additionally, after the preliminary selection, they need to agree to the conditions of the due diligence test. Any criminal record should be mentioned in both countries. For investors, the rule states that the income source has to be mentioned in the application.

Choosing the Countries

Choosing the countries

The choice between these two countries is to be done according to the specification of the client. As both the countries offer citizenship in return for huge investment, the best way to get results from the departments is to contact professional companies who have experience in the managing of this application and provide positive results.

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