Carrying Capacity: Why SUVs are Preferred for Group Travel

The popularity of SUVs among travelers, particularly through rent a car services, has surged in recent years, especially for group outings. Their design, ample seating, and cargo space make them ideal for trips involving multiple passengers. This article explores why SUVs are preferred for group travel by examining their carrying capacity, comparing them to other vehicle types, and offering practical advice for choosing the right SUV through rent a car options.

Understanding Carrying Capacity

Carrying capacity, in the context of vehicles, refers to the maximum load a car can handle, including passengers and cargo. Factors contributing to a vehicle’s carrying capacity include the number of seats, their configuration, and the available cargo space. SUVs typically excel in these areas, offering high seating and substantial cargo capacity, making them particularly suitable for group travel.

Advantages of SUVs for Group Travel

Seating Capacity: SUVs generally provide more seating than sedans and other vehicles, often accommodating up to seven or eight passengers comfortably. This seating arrangement benefits family vacations, group outings, and trips with friends, ensuring everyone has enough space without feeling cramped. 

Cargo Space: One of the standout features of SUVs is their cargo space. Unlike sedans with limited trunk space, SUVs provide ample room for luggage, sports equipment, camping gear, and other necessities. This is particularly advantageous for longer trips where additional storage is required. The 

Versatility: SUVs are known for their versatility, effectively handling both urban environments and off-road terrains. This makes them suitable for various travel needs, from city tours to adventurous road trips. Their higher ground clearance and robust build allow them to navigate challenging terrains that would be difficult for sedans. 

Safety Features: Modern SUVs have advanced safety features that enhance their appeal for group travel. These features often include multiple airbags, advanced braking systems, and stability control, contributing to a safer journey. The elevated driving position also provides better visibility, further enhancing safety. According to ANCAP, many SUVs achieve high safety ratings, making them a secure choice for group travel.

Comparing SUVs to Other Vehicle Types

Sedans: Sedans typically offer less seating and cargo space compared to SUVs. While they may be sufficient for smaller groups or shorter trips, they lack the versatility and capacity for larger groups or extended travel. For example, a typical sedan might accommodate up to five passengers with limited luggage space, which can be restrictive for group travel.

Minivans: Minivans can offer similar seating capacity to SUVs but often fall short in versatility. While they may be a good option for urban travel, they are not as well-suited for off-road adventures or rugged terrains. Minivans like the Kia Carnival provide ample seating but do not offer the same level of off-road capability as SUVs, making them less ideal for diverse travel requirements.

Trucks: Trucks may offer high cargo capacity but usually do not provide the same level of passenger comfort as SUVs. They are more suitable for transporting goods than people, making them less ideal for group travel. 

Tips for Choosing the Right SUV for Group Travel

When selecting an SUV for group travel, consider the following factors:

Seating Configuration: Ensure the SUV has enough seats for your group and that the seats are arranged to provide comfort for all passengers. Models with adjustable seating configurations, like the Hyundai Santa Fe, offer flexibility for various group sizes.

Cargo Space: Look for SUVs with ample cargo space, especially if you plan to carry a lot of luggage or equipment. With its significant cargo capacity, the Toyota Prado is a popular choice for travelers needing extra storage.

Safety Features: Prioritize vehicles with advanced safety features to ensure a secure journey. SUVs with high safety ratings from ANCAP, such as the Subaru Outback, provide peace of mind for group travelers.

Budget: Consider your budget and look for rental deals or discounts. Websites like Budget Australia and Thrifty Australia often offer competitive rates for SUV car rental, making it easier to find a suitable vehicle within your price range.


SUVs are preferred for group travel due to their superior carrying capacity, versatile nature, and advanced safety features. Their ability to comfortably accommodate multiple passengers and substantial cargo makes them an ideal choice for various travel needs. Consider an SUV car rental to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey when planning your next group trip.

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