Top 5 Key Benefits of Brand Licensing In UAE

Brand Licensing in UAE

Dubai is one of the world’s most attractive business destinations. Dubai holds a strong magnetic pull force for global investors due to various credible reasons. The Emirate is a huge tourist attraction spot with many shopping malls, restaurants, night clubs, resorts, and other sightseeing attractions. It’s known for its breathtaking architecture and luxurious holiday experience. Some noted attractions include the Burj Khalifa, Bastakia etc.
There is more to Dubai though than what meets the surface. It is one among the world’s strongest and diversified economies, world-class educational institutions, and tax-free amenities.

It’s really easy to start your business in Dubai today as the process is very quick and easy. The Dubai Government is encouraging business owners to start and grow their business operations in the country with hassle-free administrative processes. Getting a brand license is not only one of the essentials in the administrative process, but also a highly beneficial business move. We live in an age where personal branding is gaining traction among coaches, authors, trainers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and more. Branding is no longer restricted to packaged products but companies and individuals from diverse streams. Brand licensing UAE is crucial if you start and expand your business operations in the country.

Top 5 Key Benefits of Brand Licensing in UAE

What Is Brand Licensing?

Brand licensing is typically an agreement between the two companies, a larger reputable brand or the Licensor, and a small-to-medium enterprise or startup or the Licensee. The licensor allows the licensee to use its trademarks on their products. In return, the licensee pays a certain amount on each sale to the licensor. The two companies in a brand licensing agreement can be thought of as “friends with benefits”.

Benefits of brand licensing in UAE

You gain competitive advantage

When your company is associated with a large reputed industry player in the market, it gives you an edge over your competitors. Especially the ones who are SME’s like your company. A brand licensing agreement gives you the confidence to enter into the UAE market and conquer it.

Your company grows its market share

With the powerful back-up of a larger company, your company can go into newer markets with increased credibility and trust factor. You are in a formidable position to market and promote your products with a brand licensing agreement in hand. Your brand can easily attract new customers and strengthen the bond with your existing customers.

Benefits of Brand Licensing in UAE

You open new sales and marketing avenues

Your brand licensing agreement is more potent that you ever imagined it to be. It opens up retail marketing channels for your business. And you can sell your products off retail shelves. Brand licensing opens many marketing and distribution channels for your business.

There is more brand and product awareness:

Consumers know your company and its offerings much better post brand licensing. Brand licensing strengthens your brand image, positioning, message, and value in the market. Your customers are keener to learn more about your brand and are more educated about your products and services.

5. Increased sales volumes and revenues:

The sales of your licensed core products increase exponentially. Brand licensing fetches higher incremental revenue from the sale of licensed products on various channels.

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